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About Us
As a mother of two beautiful handsome boys, Candice Lewis, Owner of Moon Baby Doulas, quickly found her passion for Childbirth and Pregnancy when she had her first natural birth at a Birth Center. When she birthed her first son, Malcolm, she couldn't believe how empowering and confident it left her feeling.  She experienced firsthand what the hard work of labor can produce, a beautiful baby with 10 fingers and 10 toes. 

When all was said and done, she began to realize that if it wasn't for her being surrounded by people who loved and believed in her, her birth wouldn't have been as beautiful and calming. This is when Candice realized she had to not only share her experience, but offer a service to laboring woman that would help them see and understand that they too have the strength and will power to birth a baby with the help of an environment filled with emotional and physical support. It was her role to remind the true power of a woman, childbirth.

So, Candice researched various ways to assist woman and discovered that becoming a Certified Doula and Childbirth Educator would allow her to connect with Mothers and Families on the importance on educating themselves on resources and services available to them to make the best decisions for their new growing family. After numerous hours of training with DONA and CAPPA trainers, she was then able to begin assisting families during their pregnancy and birthing time. As Candice continues to assist and educate families on Pregnancy & Childbirth she is always looking for and researching evidence based information to provide families so they will always be able to make the best decision for their household. Candice will always encourage and uplift mothers to make the best choice for themselves and baby.